How to Deal With Construction Delays

Most people blame their construction managers for project delays. But, even the client is sometimes to blame for construction delays. However, blaming the contractor or the project manager is not the best way to deal with delays. Both the contractor and the client should instead come up with effective measures to counter further impediments and potential losses. Here are some of the best ways to address construction delays. 

Evaluate the Causes of Construction Delays 

Did somebody in your team or bad weather cause the delay? Or did the client run out of funds? Determining what caused construction delay is the best approach because it enables you to come up with the most effective countermeasures. 

Talk to the Involved Parties 

This is very important especially if the delay was caused by an individual. Whether this is your superior, the client, or the client, talk to them. Their work or decision could be the reason why the construction project is not moving forward. Therefore, talk to them about it and suggest ways of resolving the issues. 

Devise a New Plan 

Go through the initial plan and the roles of every member of your crew. Determine the tasks that should be completed fast. You can set anything that is not important aside and prioritize activities that will cause further delays if pushed back. 

Involve all Parties in Your Plans 

The implementation of Plan B will be more successful if you involve everyone. Therefore, make sure that every member of your team is involved in planning. Also, talk to your client about it. While at it, hold meetings to share ideas for coping up with the current delay and let everybody know the input you expect from them. 

Accelerate the Work 

Every worker at the construction site should feel pressured to perform better. They should focus on completing different tasks faster. The critical path of the construction project should be redefined. Everybody involved should observe the new schedule. 

Ensuring that everybody at the construction site knows that you’re focusing on addressing the delay will help in dealing with it. What’s more, redefine the critical path of the project to enhance your chances of catching up with the initial schedule.